As with much of Japanese martial technique and history, the secrecy surrounding it means the full story will probably never be known.

According to legend, Jodo was invented by Muso Gonnosuke. He reputedly invented the first set of 12 forms, using a jo approximately 4 feet in length (121cm). He accomplished this in the early 17th century.

Earlier Gonnosuke had an encounter with the legendary swordsman, Miamoto Musashi who, unusually, spared his life.  He had worked on this set of techniques in order to challenge Musashi once again. This time he spared Musashi’s life in return.

Allegedly, the techniques came to him in a dream, which is the meaning of muso.

We practise ZNKR Seitei Jodo, which is based on Muso Shindo Ryu Jojutsu.  This is koryu, or old style.

As above, tracksuit bottoms and T-shirt will do to start off with.  We can lend some equipment, such as a Jo and Bokken to start off with.  When you decide to commit to training you will require your own weapons and clothing. Below is a list of what will eventually be required.

  • Jo - 128cm long x 2.4cm diameter (white oak)

  • Bokken (white oak)

  • Jodo Gi (navy)

  • Hakama (navy)

  • Obi (a belt around which the hakama is tied)

What is Jodo?

Jodo simply means "the way of the Jo". It uses a short staff to defend one's self against an attacker armed with a sword. The style we practise is ZNKR Seitei Jodo, which is based on Muso Shindo Ryu Jojutsu. There are more koryu sets that come afterwards.

Tandoku dosa 

  1. Honte Uchi

  2. Gyakute Uchi

  3. Hiki Otoshi Uchi

  4. Kaeshi Zuki

  5. Gyakute Zuki

  6. Maki Otoshi

  7. Kuri Tsuke

  8. Kuri Hanashi

  9. Tai Atari

  10. Tsuki Hazushi Uchi

  11. Dobarai Uchi

  12. Tai Hazushi Uchi (left and right side)

Sotai Dosa - Paired Techniques

As above but with a partner.

Seitei Gata - Standard forms

  1. Tsuki zue - Walking stick

  2. Suigetsu - Solar plexus

  3. Hissage - Draw back

  4. Shamen - Slope

  5. Sakan - Left thrust

  6. Monomi - Looking out

  7. Kasumi - Mist

  8. Tachi otoshi - Knocking down the sword

  9. Rai uchi - Thunder strike

  10. Seigan - Aiming at the eyes

  11. Midare dome - Stopping chaos

  12. Ran ai - From chaos to harmony